Neil Diamond

We went to see Neil Diamond on Sunday at the Genting Arena Birmingham it was absolutely fabulous, amazing and all other words like that. If someone had told me a 76 year old man could perform on the stage for over 2 hours and sound the same as he did back in the 70’s and 80’s I would never have believed it , he was AMAZING

this isn’t my video but somebody else took this on Sunday night and this is my all time favourite song ….the first one I ever heard Neil Diamond sing and I fell in love with his voice



PIP assessment

I am way behind on posting I’ve not had the best couple of weeks health wise since going away. My assessment was on the 9th October I think I have as much chance of getting PIP as spending Christmas Day on Bondi Beach.

Questions like how do you do your shopping, I do it online, is that because you prefer online, no it’s because I can’t walk around a supermarket or stand in a queue. So how often do you go to the supermarket, I don’t because I can’t walk around and I can’t stand in a queue, so when you go shopping, I don’t go shopping as I can’t walk around and I can’t stand in a queue……. You get the idea??

One question that really threw me……. Can you read? I had to ask what she meant I thought she meant Do I read i.e. have I got enough concentration to read but no she meant Can I read…………………. Well Doh yes, you have already said when I filled my form in…………….how could I fill my form in if I couldn’t read and yes my form was signed by me, not by somebody else who said they had filled it in for me

Robotic questions, can you walk the length of 4 double-decker buses end to end if you say Yes this is a massive fail as that is more than the 50 metres so I was like No I can’t do this so then she asked again are you sure you can’t do this no I can’t well could you do it with a rest, possibly on a good day but you asked if I could walk the length the answer is NO

I got really upset and wished I hadn’t bothered to fill the forms in

They left my house I didn’t get up to go to the door with them as they wanted me to stand on one leg then the other I only managed one leg then was so dizzy I had to sit down they left my doors open and sat outside in a car for 25 minutes before they drove off, no doubt waiting to see if I jumped up and closed the doors……………. well no I couldn’t get up to close the doors I was too dizzy and it’s a good job I live in a safe area and that the weather was nice that day!!!


Survey Total Cash Out for the Month

Pretty much the same as last month total wise

I had

  • £30.75 Amazon Vouchers
  • £10 Costa Coffee Vouchers
  • £10 Starbucks Vouchers
  • £20.35 from Prolific
  • £30 from Whatusersdo
  • £5.30 from Enlightly
  • 78p from Spare 5

Grand Total of  £107.18 for the month ………………………. Must try harder!!!

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Today we have moved on to Southport we are staying here for the next 3 nights. Didn’t do too much today felt really rough and needed some rest after all the driving

Went to see IT at the cinema this evening Wasn’t that impressed to be honest :/


One thing about this dreaded illness is the sleep disturbances. I wear a jawbone and I get about 80-85% of 8 hours every night this is never continuous. Last night I had 105% so tonight I just cannot sleep I’m in this lovely hotel with a massive bed full of luxury and sleep alludes me…… sometimes I hate my life

So Excited

I have made a personalised handknitted book with my grandson’s name. I will actually be selling these books.

I have copyrighted my craftwork as I have not seen anything else around like this Registered & Protected  NJLY-VPHF-IXMN-WEGE

I shall be running a competition on my Twitter account to win one and they will shortly be for sale

Please pop over to my twitter @ell1emay to follow me and be in with a chance to win one. I will be setting it up later

I will be charging £10 plus postage for maximum 6 letters, each extra letter will be £1.50 and please allow 28 days for delivery




Book Review

Her Last Tomorrow by Adam Croft

Quite a short read really I felt 256 pages, I had read the reviews and I must be honest I was expecting a little more. It was a good read but when I put it down I wasn’t chomping at the bit to pick it up again. This is the first book I have read by Adam Croft I have got others waiting on my Kindle so I’ll try another one soon

The synopsis of the book copied from is

Nick and Tasha are a couple held together by their five-year-old daughter. Until one ordinary morning, when Ellie vanishes amid the chaos of the school run.

Nick knows she can’t have gone far on her own, which can mean only one thing: she’s not on her own. Who would take his daughter, and why? With no motive and no leads, Nick is thrown into a tailspin of suspicion and guilt. Like Tasha, he doesn’t know what to think, or whom to trust…

But then someone starts doing the thinking for him. Confronted with an impossible choice, Nick will have to make a decision, and both options will leave him with blood on his hands. But perhaps that’s to be expected.

After all, Nick’s not quite as blameless as he seems……..