Ongoing health issues

So the last 3 weeks have been pretty abysmal. I started with backpain no idea where that came from then my dog was sitting next to me cuddled up and decided to straighten herself by launching off my hip, 40kgs right into my hip bone left me screaming in agony.

Along with this I had the most awful abdominal pain, couldn’t work out what was causing it. I started eating a no dairy, no wheat , no sugar diet earlier in the year to try and alleviate the awful symptoms I was having (the tachycardia) and it actually did bring some relief

I was thinking the other night what had I changed in my diet to bring about the abdo pain and all I could think of is I had changed my coconut milk to long life instead of fresh. So I decided to google abdo pain and coconut milk and BINGO there was my answer.

“Guar gum can cause gastrointestinal problems in some people. This natural thickener is made from a legume and is almost always added to canned coconut milk and canned coconut cream. If you experience symptoms when eating these coconut-based products, check the ingredients to see whether they contain guar gum. Experiment with a guar gum-free coconut milk or coconut cream to see if your digestion is better without this thickener”

I immediately went to the fridge and yes my Coconut milk had guar gum in it the previous one did not. Reading further into it Guar Gum can actually cause intestinal obstruction if it builds up too much. I am now back on the fresh coconut milk it has taken me almost 3 weeks to shift the abdo pain it’s still there slightly but not nearly as bad as it was.

I have a hospital appointment this afternoon with the Plastic Surgeons as I have a lesion on my nose ( a squamous cell carcinoma) which Dermatology wouldn’t touch as they said it needed specialist treatment as it may be quite large 😦

After that I have a telephone consultation with Occupational Health I have been referred by work. This should be fun I can’t wait to tell them all the things that led to my 2nd relapse

Nostalgia Fest

In the town where we live every year, we have a free concert on the Promenade. Last year it was Soul Fest and this year it was Nostalgia Fest.

The line up for this year was

Ska Britannia



The Christians 

and Dr and The Medics

It was very well attended unlike previous years and here is a video of yesterday with a throwback song that used to be one of my favourites. The man is the original singer of the group the 2 ladies are new additions



No not the film but Internet trolls

Wikipedia gives the definition In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response

I made a posting in a forum on Facebook this morning and within minutes I was being condemned the posting was asking why a car park was half closed yesterday when there was a big venue in town. Within minutes someone condemned me for arriving late at the concert and how did I expect to find a parking space (For their information my husband was working till 12midday and we couldn’t get there before 12.30, it started at midday BUT I did get a parking space my post wasn’t about that )

Then another troll said well if you could get there for 12.30 when working till midday why didn’t  you walk ( well again for information we are 1 and a half miles away and I am disabled )

What do they get out of it? in fairness, the 2nd troll did apologise when I said I was disabled BUT for goodness sake just think before you start upsetting people. I have actually felt upset about this all day now and it’s a feeling I could do without when I’m not well

A lean month

It was definitely a lean month as far as surveys were concerned in July, I’m glad to say August is much better even though it’s only the 3rd of the month but we will discuss that at the end of the month

So I got

Amazon Gift Cards £9

What Users Do payment of £5

Spare 5 payment of £3.10

and I sold a dress on eBay for £20 (after all fees )

so I’m not exactly going to be a millionaire.  Grand Total £37.10

The weather continues to be dire, rain rain and more rain not like August at all. I am still suffering from back pain. I have lost a bit more weight this week. I’m still trying to stick to dairy free, wheat free and sugar-free diet

Nothing much else to say…..


Good Intentions Going Completely Wrong

I had such good intentions of updating regularly and this week has just been a disaster. I have hurt my back, I do not know how but I have been in the most excruciating pain all week, painkillers aren’t touching it, I get in a hot bath in the morning and that really soothes it I try and do some stretches in the bath (yes I have a massive bath) and it feels much better until I then go to sit down and OUCH!!!

I received a letter from work saying they had been trying to get in touch with me and could they have my mobile number as they were referring me to Occ Health. I returned my number along with another sick note for a month. The day after I received another letter asking me to go in for a meeting on Friday at 11.30, I returned the letter saying due to ongoing health issues I would not be attending. I couldn’t get into work for 12 midday when I was supposedly well so how they expect me to get in for 11.30 when I am in a considerably worse state than when I was working I do not know.

I had a phone call from them on Friday I was in the bath, they left a voicemail,  would I return the call as soon as I got the message. I did 3 times and nobody picked up. Eventually, I got another call back I was told I was being referred to Occ Health, I said yes? You’ve already written and told me that? Yes well, I wanted to tell you in person. That was the end of the conversation. I received a letter later that day saying Occ Health will phone me on 15th August at 3pm. That day will be a busy day as at 1.30 I am due in the hospital out patients as I have a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my nose that needs dealing with or in other words a Rodent Ulcer. It’s not a big issue as far as I’m concerned but when I attended Dermatology they seem to think it is covering a large area and that I need to see the Plastic Surgeon team.

I discovered a new Survey call It’s amazing I joined on the 23rd July and so far I have earned £27 I haven’t cashed out yet so I might not put it to this month’s earnings which will come in a separate post tomorrow.

I’m fed up of the wind and rain we have had floods here, flash floods, to me it seems the wettest July ever I’m sure this photo doesn’t01493d5c482dad4216acb7bec583628ca6363c7ca7 even do it justice

My dog was 8 this week and here’s a nice happy photo of her chewing her bone to finish on


50 book challenge

Every year I think I’m going to attempt the 50 book challenge that is to read 50 books in one year, I never ever manage it I think the most I have ever read is about 17. This year I find I’m now in July and only read 1 book this year. Well at least it was a good book 🙂Rachel Abbott is one of my favourite authors, I have read all her books and this is her latest. I do recommend that you read them in the order that they were written as she does have reoccurring characters that develop as the books come out. I feel disappointed now that I haven’t got another of her books to read.

They are easy to read and don’t interfere much with the brain fog that you get with this illness

Can anyone else recommend any good authors??