Coping with the heat ….. not

I’m struggling with the heat I’m struggling with stairs at the moment too. My tachycardia is back with a vengeance. I haven’t been formally diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) but for the last 17 years have had bouts where my heart goes berserk on standing and climbing stairs becomes a nightmare. 

I was referred for a tilt table test and the waiting list was So long that by the time I had another 48 hour ECG  the tachycardia wasn’t as bad as it had been so I guess the appt just got forgotten 

Usually when I go on holiday the sunshine makes me feel better. This year I can’t tolerate the heat one bit. 

I found this video on YouTube which shows exactly what happens when I walk up stairs. Until you experience it you don’t realise how bad it is .

End of another month

The doctor has put me off sick for another  4 weeks I don’t think I’m going to be able to return to work. I now realise that when I was off sick the beginning of the year my Managers should not have put me through a formal sickness process now that I have read the new sickness policy from September 2016 it states

This process is used for all sickness absence apart from long-term, terminal or underlying health conditions (see
the section on Long Term Absence for more information).

As my illness was an underlying health condition I should not have been called in every 4 weeks, in fact, these meetings probably had an adverse effect on my health and even from the 1st meeting I was given the date of the final meeting and told this would be dismissal I was reminded of this at every meeting,  I was referred to Fitforwork at my very first meeting , this did not bother me at all as I knew I was ill and I think my Managers were hoping Fitforwork were going to send me immediately back in …….. this, of course, did not happen and I was given a Fit note from them until mid-May. My managers not happy with this then mentioned the word dismissal again and “forced” me back to work, taking no notice whatsoever of the Return To Work programme that Fitforwork recommended. I cut my hours down myself as I knew that I could not manage the hours I was on before sickness, this has left me not paying any National Insurance not being eligible for SSP and I am now in the process of trying to claim ESA

I have had no contact with work since I have been off apart from me phoning to say I have another sick note etc

Life wasn’t easy when I did go back. I was constantly being called up to the office for one thing or another, there was a VERY long walk from the car park to my work that I really couldn’t manage due to the tachycardia and low blood pressure, were they bothered? Not at all.

I was dizzy constantly, my manager did ask me one day how I was feeling I said very dizzy, she said you haven’t got Gin in that water bottle have you…………..totally inappropriate I think, her idea of a joke? Sorry I wasn’t feeling it I felt totally humiliated by this

I really do not want to go back to work even if I had some miraculous cure overnight I feel I cannot go back to work for this company. I know I am not the only one that feels like this and I know that other people have left too because of the way they have been treated and nothing is done about it.

My pay has been wrong for the last 4-5 months I keep getting an adjustment in dribs and drabs but now finally I have the Payroll Head Office address and with the help of an accountant friend I will pursue it via that channel.

I might add that my company knew when I was taken on that I was disabled, my references also stated this. Why employ disabled people and then treat them unfairly?

Not a pleasant read I’m sure but an honest one.


A hard few days

It’s been a hard few days. Work won’t pay me anymore SSP as they say my earnings haven’t been enough the last few weeks, my earnings haven’t been enough because firstly they have mucked up my wages for the last 2 months and I haven’t been paid correctly and secondly I was forced to return to work when I wasn’t well and the only way I could do this was to reduce my hours and now I don’t pay a stamp and am not entitled to sick pay 😦

Talk about a Catch 22 situation. I have phoned the Benefits office and discussed with them and they have advised me to apply for ESA and PIP  This relapse is definitely a bad one I have a chronic cough, pain in all my joints and chest pain almost continually day in day out. My blood pressure fluctuates from day to day I’m trying not to get too obsessive about recording it but on Saturday I felt dreadful and these are my blood pressure and pulse  readings below

Last night we heard an awful noise outside our house that sounded like birds fighting and there was a lot of mess over my car today that looked like blood 😦 This evening we had a seagull just sitting in the garden with a badly damaged wing

We contacted the RSPCA and they came out this evening and collected it the officer did not know whether it could be saved or not or whether he might have to humanely “put it to sleep” You can see the damage on the photo on the right 😦

We are going away on holiday on Sunday, I’m hoping that the sunshine and the relaxation will give me a new lease of life. We are going to Northern Spain so look out for photo overload on my return

One little money earner I forgot to mention when I did my Surveys post was  Spare5   this can literally be done anytime you have a spare few minutes on either a mobile app or a laptop and pays really well if you put the time in

Summer Over?

Well, what a glorious week or so we have had but today it has been a lot colder and drizzling most of the day 😦

I’m plodding along with my surveys and have so far received £40 worth of Amazon vouchers and £15 to my PayPal account plus 2 sales on eBay

Ebay seems very slow at the moment I just don’t know why? I use it quite a lot living in a rural area and not having a lot of choices as far as shops going plus at the moment being in a relapse of my CFS it’s difficult to go and walk around shops. I am back to the doctors tomorrow and I’m not going to be able to go back to work this week. This fills me with trepidation as I really don’t know what response I will get when I phone up. I have heard nothing while I have been off for the last 2 weeks and there hasn’t been much empathy when I did go back to work. I think I probably need an Occupational Health Referral and probably need some adjustments in work like more frequent toilet breaks etc I’m not sure whether any of this is feasible but I am really struggling at the moment.0138bdcb0c9e90572e50a0556f35b273263ce32076

I took this photo on Tuesday evening when we were walking the dog  🙂

Hot, Hot and Hot

The weather has been glorious for the last week or so, we live about a mile away from the beach and try to get down as often as we can with our dog Jess. She loves going for a paddle. Unfortunately this year I’m having difficulty getting down to the sand due to there being steps and this is the only access. Hopefully, I will soon be feeling the sand between my toes again IMG_0341

For the last 10 days, I have been following a no wheat, no sugar and no dairy diet it has been very hard and I have cheated a few times but I’ve lost almost 7lbs and my resting heart rate as really gone down. The postural tachycardia is still there but not as high a rate as it was. So at least some good has come of depriving myself.

I have been feeling really lethargic and have got listings to do on eBay as well as knitting to finish off for my Etsy shop but to be honest it has just been too hot

We started watching Riviera the other night, I like it and we have watched 6 episodes so it must be keeping my attention.  I find when I have a relapse that noise really irritates me and that my attention span is non-existent.  I’m in the middle of a really good book here but can’t bring myself to read more than 1 or 2 pages

If you like a good book then I can recommend Rachel Abbot, all her books are so good, I’m currently reading The Sixth Window

Tomorrow we are going to see my Mother which means an 80 mile round trip which we do every other Tuesday , we will be doing it twice this week though as it’s her birthday on Saturday, as my husband is working we will go over there on Sunday and make a birthday tea for her



More Money -Making Survey Links

Yes, there are plenty more ways out there to get more money into your Bank Account or Amazon account. If you like having a say in Politics or what’s going on in the UK/World right now then YouGov is the one for you, each survey pays 50-75p and there are no screeners so you get paid for every one you do, the downside is you have to wait until your account is up to £50 before they will send you a cheque but the cheque does come quickly once you are there.

InboxPounds is another click on the email and do some surveys plus some little spin games on the site. This pays out when you reach £20 and the cheque is sent very quickly

NectarCanvass if you have a Nectar Card and of course you can buy your food with Nectar Points in Sainsburys unlike the Tesco Clubcard

NewVistaLive another one tghat pays well but you can’t cash in until you have 5000 points most surveys pay 75-100points

Please use the links above if you want to join and then we both benefit 🙂

Quite a few to keep you going there.

I’m going to list some things on ebay today and hopefully try and get some sunshine, it’s really hot today and the forecast is good for the next few days

I really need to up my fluids, it’s 12.30 and I’m still sitting with the same cup of coffee I’ve had since 8.30am 😦 Lack of fluids causes dehydration which in turn causes low blood pressure and tachycardia, a  vicious circle that I really need to battle with and win.

We are due to go on holiday 2 weeks tomorrow and I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad before going away hope som miracle happens before we go and I feel more human

My Day

My day at the moment whilst I am off sick consists of trying to keep to a routine. I get up at 8.30 just after my husband has left for work, have a bath and aim to be dressed and in the lounge before 10am. I have to be careful of rushing too much as my blood pressure drops and then that puts me out for the day.

I then start my surveys on the laptop for the day. I keep a record of how much money I actually get each month and this is increasing obviously because I’m setting aside some time to do them

Today I’m going to give a few links to surveys I find good.

The first is Opinion Outpost I find with this one  I can get an Amazon Voucher every 3-4 days . I find for myself Amazon vouchers are really useful rather than cash as I can get gifts for family birthdays and events from there plus I can bank them into a good amount for larger things. At the moment I am looking at saving for a robot hoover 🙂

Another one although this is a little slow is clicking adverts and you can also do surveys I find that my demographics for these surveys are not too good although I seem a good fit for all the others I do. Anyway this one is called ClixSense and you can join by clicking on the link there

Another is Valued Opinions, this company pays quickly and quite high per survey

One of my favourites and you have to do this daily to get the cash up for the bonus draws is The Free Postcode Lottery just click a few pages and check if your postcode is there every 24hours , every week there is also a draw for a £50 quidco voucher

CashbackEarners is a fun site you can click emails , play games or do surveys to earn money, once you reach £20 they pay out 🙂

MySurvey UK sends you lots and lots of surveys and they pay out in various ways , very quickly you need 550 points to get a £5 Amazon vouchers and most surveys are between 80-100 points I can sometimes make £15 a day on this one

I’ll stop there for today I have plenty more links to share. Please if possible if you are going to join please use my links , not all of them are referral links but some of them will give me a few extra points for people joining





First blog post

My name is Karen I’m the Mum of mummytodex and I’m hoping I can make my blog as successful as she has made hers.
I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2000 and after 6 years of being housebound and wheelchair bound I made almost a full recovery. For the last 12 months I have felt my health slipping, scarily back to how I was back in 2000. I am getting no help from Doctors all they tell me is they have no magic pills for me. My main symptoms apart from the Fatigue is my Low Blood Pressure and Tachycardia. I am in danger of losing my job at the moment.
This is no new thing for me for 27 years I was a qualified nurse RGN, RMN Ob.N.C. when my illness started, I was put on sick leave and after 1 year off sick my contract was terminated. The NHS wouldn’t retire me on ill health so my pension is not worth having unfortunately. Anyway back to the present time I now work for a large supermarket and I was off for 3 and a half months from January went back to work for 6 weeks and unfortunately off sick again now .
I’m trying to use this blog to supplement my income. I Knit, I Crochet and I do Cross Stitch. I have an Etsy Shop called HafHeulwen I also sell things on Ebay my user name is Thekabin
I also do online surveys and quizzes and have found that there is quite a lot of money to be made here as long as you are willing to spend a little time doing them